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September 16, 2017
Dance Studio and Classes: Late Registration Available
Satellite Classes - Registration to open soon

Dance Studio and Classes

Late Registration still available for just a short time

Our regular/normal registration period for 1st Quarter classes has ended.  (It closed 9/8).  Late registration is however available for classes until they fill up.  Currently, all classes offered still have some limited openings.  Once a class fills up no late registrations for that class will be accepted.  We recommend calling before sending in a registration to check to make sure your desired class still has space.  All registrations close completely on Friday, September 22.  Registrations received after that date will be returned.  Hurry, you have less than 1 week left into get into a class for this quarter.

Visit our Dance Studio Web Page now to get all the details.  

Satellite Classes

Registration for first group of classes to come soon

Save the dates!  Our first offering of Satellite Classes Hula and Tahitian Boot Camps has also now been scheduled.  Check out the schedule now on our Dance Studio Web Page and hit the Satellite Classes Button and get the ones you are interested in on your calendar.  Fliers and Registration forms have not yet been completed, but the schedule is out there so you may plan ahead.

Visit our Dance Studio Web Page to see the schedule  

For more information, call The Barefoot Hawaiian at (847) 699-7336
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